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It's no wives' tale… laughter is the best medicine. Research consistently shows that laughter has both preventive and therapeutic value. Laughter is aerobic exercise that helps us stay healthy by enriching the blood with ample supplies of oxygen. In fact, according to Dr. William Fry at Stanford University, "One minute of laughter is equal to 10-minutes on the rowing machine."

Laughter helps to remove the negative effects of STRESS, which is the number one killer today. More than 70% of illnesses - like high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, frequent coughs and colds, peptic ulcers, insomnia, allergies, asthma, menstrual difficulties, tension headaches, stomach upsets and even cancer - are connected to stress. Regular robust laughter also helps to boost the IMMUNE SYSTEM, which is the master key for maintaining good health. And laughter exercises facial muscles leading to a younger, healthier appearance. (See bottom of page for more benefits of laughter, including a link to an article about Cancer Patients.)

Harnessing the Power of Laughter

Laughter Yoga is a growing international phenomenon that combines a delightful blend of playful, empowering and otherwise "tension-releasing" activities that help us choose to laugh.

In 1995, a family physician from Mumbai, India, Dr. Madan Kataria founded the Laughter Yoga movement in an effort to harness the enormous health benefits of laughter. He started with just 5 people! It has since grown into a world wide movement with more than 5500 Laughter Clubs in dozens of countries.

Laughter Yoga is incredibly fun and profoundly beneficial. Some have referred to it as an "adult playgroup". Unlike typical yoga, there is no need to get on the floor nor to wear special clothing. This is just about finding ways to get ourselves laughing. The word "Yoga" simply refers to the greater sense of unity that participants feel as well as the fact that our breathing becomes much more deep and full.

Wanna get healthy? Join the club!

Laughter Clubs are independent, not-for-profit, community-oriented associations. All are welcome. This is not religious, political, nor competitive. It is simply an excellent opportunity to laugh like you have never laughed before. Laughter Yoga clubs have been covered in the news by prestigious television shows like Oprah, Dancing with the Stars, Good Morning America, and in many more shows on channels like BBC, CNN, ABC (USA), NHK (Japan), Channel 7 & 9 (Australia), ZDF Germany and newspapers, magazines like National Geographic, New York Times, London Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and many others.

Where to find us:

The OxyGenesis Institute offers "Laugh, Breathe and Live On Purpose" which includes the use of Laughter Yoga, Transformational Breathing exercises and Emotional Freedom Techniques. laughter club

We'll come to your workplace! You can help make it happen. Just download the PDF flyer entitled, "10 Reasons to Laugh for NO Reason". Then give a copy to your Human Resources Director. Ask him or her to check out our program "Laugh, Breathe and Live On Purpose", and consider it for an in-house program. Direct them to this webpage or have them call: 860-796-1480.

Depending on where your company is located, and if an authorized representative agrees, we can come out for one program, one day or a complete program to establish a Laughter Club and train a few leaders to keep it going. What have you got to lose? A lot of stress.

Here's a glimpse of the benefits you can expect from Laughter:

  • Reduce levels of stress hormones (such as Cortisol). This reduction can control high blood pressure, reduce belly fat, and increase energy and productivity.

  • Anti-aging: Nourishes facial skin by increasing blood supply and tones facial muscles

  • Strengthens the Immune System: Increases natural killer (NK) cells and antibodies.

  • Natural Pain Killer: Increases the levels of endorphins - the body's natural pain killer.

  • Endorphins and other "happy chemicals" released during laughter can also reduce depression and help with weight loss by reducing the craving for chocolate and other comfort foods.

  • Aerobic Exercise that's easy and FUN: "One minute of laughter is equal to 10-minutes on the rowing machine." ~ Dr. William Fry, Stanford University

  • More Oxygen = Better Health: Improve lung capacity and oxygen levels in the blood.

  • Stimulate digestion and waste removal: Vigorous laughter enhances abdominal breathing, which stimulates the abdominal organs, including intestines, colon and bladder.

ALL THIS WHILE HAVING A BLAST? Hmmm... tough decision..

Come Laugh with us today! Call 860-796-1480 or contact us with your questions.

Know someone suffering with cancer? Perhaps undergoing chemo? This article reveals how Cancer Patients Get Relief From Laughter Yoga

Click here for our printable guide:
"10 Good Reasons to Laugh for No Reason!"

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