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Do you feel emotionally volatile?

Ready to burst into tears one minute and rage the next? Perhaps you don't understand why the same relationship patterns keep occurring? Maybe you feel very little until one small infraction sets you off. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression, constant worry, mood swings?

Emotional instability may be caused by a "chemical imbalance", but what is causing it and can balance be restored? Yes. When we balance the breathing, we balance the emotions... the entire system.

After a series of Transformational Breathing sessions, Massage Therapist Sara Hadden reported, "I feel much more connected to my feelings, and can respond well to events as they're happening... in the present moment. Unpleasant feelings move along quickly, like clouds passing in the sky."

Here's a brief explanation of the physiology behind Sara's success, as reported in an article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors: "Cells undergoing partial oxygen starvation send out tiny panic signals, which are collectively felt in the body as a continuous vague sensation of uneasiness, dread or disaster. This low level generalized warning tends to get tuned out as mere background noise. Or it is attributed to other sources of uneasiness... People rarely suspect that the constant vague feelings of helplessness, fatigue... uneasiness are symptoms of cellular oxygen deprivation."

In addition to oxygen starvation, imbalanced breathing causes the nervous system to become imbalanced. Hormone secretion, digestion, elimination and circulatory function are all controlled by the autonomic nervous system. When hormone production and release are out of balance we experience mood swings - at the very least. Impaired digestion and elimination lead to fatigue, depression and disease as waste is re-circulated through the bloodstream.

This further reduces oxygenation, and the stress on the circulatory system is compounded. When we begin to take control of our most critical autonomic nervous function - our breathing - we begin to turn the tide of depletion as we give our bodies what they need. We can do this by using specific breathing development techniques on a daily basis.

For those who would prefer to make a clean sweep, and quickly clear the cause of the restricted breathing patterns, Transformational Breathwork is available. By recreating the natural breathing rhythm that babies use for crying, we can allow the cellular memory of past hurts and trauma to be released and transformed.

In the course of just ten-to-fifteen 90-minute breathing sessions, it is possible for most people to clear a lifetime of emotional baggage and physical tension from the subconscious. As layers peel away, we find that our autonomic breathing response is restored to its natural healthy state. We begin to breathe and relax (instead of hold and tighten) at the slightest sign of stress. And the results are astounding.

The benefits of crying...

We are all born with the innate ability to express, or "push out," emotions (sometimes referred to as energy in motion) when they become overwhelming. Laughter, yawning, crying, and even singing, all facilitate the expression of a variety of feelings. These natural breathing exercises cleanse the body, mind and soul so that we can maintain a healthy balance.

As we are conditioned to live in society, however, many of these natural forms of expression are stifled and even shamed. We quickly learn that it is not acceptable to cry, for example, when we feel physical or emotional pain. In order to hold back those tears, we must constrict our breathing and disengage our mind from body and soul. The energy that was meant to move through us on a wave of breath gets trapped in our constricted muscles and is stored as tension in the subconscious mind. If this buildup of pain is not cleansed, the results can be devastating physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As babies cry, they breathe in a circular wave pattern. "Circular" means there is no pause or holding between the inhale and exhale. It's a "wave" because the inhale rises in the lower belly, first, and flows upward to expand the chest area. The exhale is an uncontrolled flow.

A Transformational Breathing session re-establishes this healthy pattern and clears self-defeating beliefs formed as a result of the cultural conditioning process. A series of ten weekly sessions typically restores our innate ability to move energy through us (ie., release tension and stress), while reclaiming our sense of safety and worthiness to express our authentic selves in the world.

What's more, when the subconscious mind is cleared of excess baggage, those old familiar voices of conflict are quieted, allowing the voice of Soul to be heard more clearly. Many people report profound experiences of feeling connected to God, a higher power, or whatever word they choose to refer to the Source of Life.

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