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Parenting and Birthing

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As parents we strive to give our children everything they need to grow up happy and healthy. Yet the stress of taking care of young ones before our own needs have been met is often too much, and we revert back to the same patterns, behaviors and beliefs that our parents relied upon. Some met our needs, some did not. Some supported our development, others stifled it. It's not about blame. They did the best they could with what they knew.

You are in a position, now, to do better with more knowledge.

OxyGenesis Breathing is the ideal way to clear out the remains of old patterns and beliefs, which stifle you and your children. In addition, you will be reducing overall stress, allowing you to be more available to your children and yourself. Breathing development increases mental and physical energy levels, so you'll have the ability to think clearly and creatively when facing challenges.

Learn valuable techniques for supporting your children's development, right from birth, into vibrant health and happiness. Learn the best way to breathe and relax during pregnancy and childbirth. Teach young children to breath and relax instead of crying at inappropriate times (see The Smiley Button). Teenagers and pre-teens will be less attracted to drugs and less vulnerable to peer pressure if you start while they're young. However programs for teens-at-risk are available (see Getting High Without Drugs), and they're most successful when parents engage in similar breathing programs designed especially for parents. Model responsible conscious behavior and they will make you proud.

All this, and more, is achievable when you are breathing fully and easily in a balanced body, mind and spirit.

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