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Spiritual Connection

breathe for spirtual connection

"We are not physical beings having an occasional Spiritual experience.We are Spiritual beings having an occasional physical experience."
~ Deepak Chopra, M.D.

The latin word for "breath" and the root of the word "respiration" is"espiritus". In fact, many languages use but one word for both breathand spirit. And it is believed by many that, upon death, the spiritleaves the body along with the final exhalation.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, "Breath is the movement of Spirit in thebody."

Perhaps this begins to explain the many spiritual benefits ofdeeper breathing:

  • Stronger sense of inner strength
  • Feeling closer to the source of all life
  • Deeper sense of faith and peace
  • Greater courage and commitment to truth
  • Improved self-esteem & self-worth
  • Stronger intuition or "inner knowing"
  • Feeling guided by God or a higher power
  • Access to more creativity

As we breathe more fully, we allow our spiritual nature to expand andpermeate our bodies. It has often been said of children that their"spirits have been broken". As children, most of us were threatened intonon-expression of our feelings (ie., "Stop crying or I'll give yousomething to really cry about!"), the only way to comply was to hold orrestrict our breathing. This cut us off from the feelings, whichrepresented our truth.

We gradually learned to evict our spirits - thetruest and most powerful aspect of ourselves - from our bodies,especially during times of stress, when we needed it most. Today we see an epidemic of spiritually-bankrupt behaviors committed bychildren and against children. We must encourage the return of spirit into our lives.

Regardless of religion (or lack thereof), we canaccomplish this by encouraging conscious, deeper breathing. After her first OxyGenesis Breathwork group session, one female clientfrom Boston reported, "I did not believe there was a God, but today Iknow [there is] because I felt it so strongly inside me. I feel verysafe and calm."

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