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To the extent your breathing is full and balanced, so is your sex life! Whether you are having problems, sexually, or are simply interested in developing a more satisfying sex life , breathwork and breathing development are key. This is not new information for the human race. For thousands of years, the oriental cultures have understood the deep, undeniable relationship between the breath and every aspect of love, sex and intimacy.

While love, sex and intimacy are each possible without the others, most of us are quite interested in experiencing them all together. We might call this Sacred - or even Holistic - Sexuality. There are many ways to use conscious breathing to expand our ability to experience Sacred Sexuality. For many it is necessary to first develop breathing capacity to a healthy range.


In order to truly love another, we must first love ourselves. We define "love" as "unconditional acceptance with gratitude". This is very different from the typical meaning of the word love, which is most often dependent upon certain actions, and is intertwined with an egoic sense of need, control, dependence and/or possession. OxyGenesis Breathwork™ is a powerful way to experience ourselves as truly lovable, loving and loved. Until we have this kind of experience, without all the egoic attachments, it is quite difficult to receive or give true love.


From a purely physical point of view, effective breathing can make the difference between impotence and virility, frustration or satisfaction, weakness or stamina. Deep breathing simulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is necessary for adequate blood flow to the sexual organs. Shallow breathing maintains sympathetic nervous function, which inhibits blood flow to any area of the body that is not required for immediate survival. Adequate oxygenation and balanced blood pressure are additional factors, which affect sexual performance. Balanced deep breathing is required for proper functioning of both male and female reproductive organs.


From a spiritual point of view, sex is the union of two into oneness. We are all aware, to various extents, of an innate craving to be in the state of Oneness once again. Many of us don't think of our desire to be held, accepted, loved and understood fully, as a desire for oneness. But we do. And as we assist others in becoming more aware of the nature of these desires, their capacity for intimacy, joy, even ecstasy, expands dramatically. The more fully we breathe, the more we fill ourselves with Spirit. It is in the realm of Spirit where we were once at One.

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