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"Deep breathing exercises are the most powerful and effective form of stress management."
~ Dean Ornish, M.D., author of "Reversing Heart Disease."

When your cells are bathed in abundant oxygen, you're free to relax and experience an abundant life. Chances are, your cells are starving. Almost 80% of the population restricts their breathing, especially when they need oxygen most! This unnatural, learned reaction to stress leads to more stress as it depletes your energy and limits health and vitality. It can be reversed.

"My breathing is so much freer… layers of stress have melted away. I highly recommend it." ~Enid Zuckerman, Canyon Ranch

However, the reason effective breathing is so critical for stress management goes beyond simple oxygen metabolism. The Autonomic Nervous System is dramatically affected by breathing patterns. When breathing is shallow, fast and restricted, it triggers the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. This is the "fight or flight" response to a perceived threat or danger. If you are always feeling stressed out, chances are you are "stuck" in this mode. Soon the chronic chemical and electrical imbalance leads to disease.

When breathing is deep, slow and full, the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system gets turned on, allowing calm, sensory awareness, digestion, good feelings, and healing. Since the Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for regulating the body's internal environment, and since it responds to changes in breathing, you have the ability to regulate your own internal environment by taking responsibility for your breathing. Further, you can either manage your breathing or master it! The choice is yours, and we're here to guide you whatever you decide.

We offer a variety of approaches, including OxyGenesis Breathing™ and Optimal Breathing Development Techniques, which may include Strapping, Voice Development, Bodywork, Daily Breathing Exercises and/or physical exercises, depending on your goals and level of commitment.

To get started, we recommend that you take the Self-Test, and then contact us to schedule an appointment or order an appropriate self-help program.

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