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Got Pain? BAM! It's Gone.

If you've seen the above ad headline, and are wondering what BAM is, you've come to the right place. The OxyGenesis Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing and supporting low-cost, natural and effective solutions to some of life's most difficult problems. We believe that BAM is something you ought to know about if you are suffering for any reason.

What is BAM Therapy?

BAM is a powerful, yet enjoyable form of therapy that combines unique forms of Breathwork, Acupressure and Massage to relieve pain, stress and more, quickly and safely. Easily customized to suit the unique needs of each individual, BAM digs deep into the center of the problem, and roots out the underlying issues that are causing symptoms that have surfaced and grabbed your attention.

Therapeutic Breathing techniques are used to relax the body, bring a focused awareness to the body/mind connection and release old limiting patterns.

Percussive Acupressure (aka EFT) is a no-needles-required relative of acupuncture. It is used to stimulate energy flow throughout the meridian (energy) system, while focusing on thoughts and beliefs that seem to be connected to the primary complaint. As energy flow is enhanced, blocks are eliminated and shifts occur in the body and mind.

Therapeutic Massage is used to assist in relaxing the client while identifying and eliminating accumulated tension and stress from the body and mind. Massage also stimulates energy flow and brings more awareness to areas in need of attention.

While conventional medical practitioners are trained to view symptoms as "the problem" to be eliminated using unnatural substances and invasive procedures, BAM Therapists honor the holistic approach, which considers symptoms as messages from the body/mind, providing valuable guidance in healing the real problem. Fortunately, BAM is much more fast and efficient at getting to the source of the problem, which is typically rooted in deep-seated beliefs and behavior patterns. These limit our perspective of the world and our inherent potential.

What can I expect?

Depending on your primary complaint and physical condition, private individual sessions take place either sitting in a chair, massage chair, or lying down on a massage table. A conversation begins to explore the symptoms and identify possible related issues, based on the therapist's in-depth understanding of how the body tends to express the needs of the whole being - mind, body, Spirit, and emotions.

How does it work?

Very well, thank you! Come in and see for yourself.

Since the client is always treated as a whole and valuable individual, with a unique path and perspective, the healing process is a team effort that is guided by the skill, objectivity, and understanding of the therapist. We therefore make no claims of "curing" anyone. Yet "healing" is rapid and complete for almost 90% of those who truly want it.

And it gets even better. If you have ever suffered from unpleasant side-effects of conventional medical treatments, you will be quite pleased to know that the only side-effects our clients experience are the tremendous added benefits that they didn't expect. And there's no extra charge! If you are suffering, you owe it to yourself to give us a try.

BAM means fast relief when nothing else works.

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