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Fitness Training for Breathing Development

If you are interested, or currently engaging, in strength training to enhance muscle tone and/or lose body fat, we applaud you. However many standard resistance-exercise techniques do not support correct breathing and can even stifle it. They also fail to balance muscular development for optimal breathing posture and physiology. These are important considerations, of which many personal trainers are not aware. There are also simple exercises you can add to your program which help to develop proper muscle coordination for better breathing.

If you practice (or plan to take up) yoga, tai chi, qigong, martial arts, aerobics, sports, or any kind of rigorous physical activity, we recommend that you come in for a breathing analysis. Some of our happiest clients are yoga enthusiasts - even some yoga teachers have been thrilled to find that Transformational Breathwork™ deepened their breathing and made it more natural, in addition to the many emotional and spiritual benefits. Better breathing is also a great way to enhance your performance.

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