Happy Breathdays Workshop

Give Yourself a Breath-taking Spiritual Experience...

“Happy BreathDay!”

Monthly Transformational Breath Workshops with Lois Grasso

What would your life be like if the simple act of breathing became a powerful act of healing? Don’t wait to find out! Transformational Breathing® is a complete self-healing system that can change your breathing into the most powerful tool available for healing the body, processing emotions, and developing Higher Consciousness. Join us for a workshop and group session suitable for beginners as well as experienced “breathers”. Once you try one, you’ll know why we call them Happy BreathDays!

“Before today, I did not even think there was a God. But after this [my first group breath session with Lois], I know God.”~ Bo Jin, Boston, MA

Give yourself a “Happy BreathDay” every month. Turn your breathing into a tool you can use every day to...

  • Eliminate fear-based beliefs that cause anxiety and sabotage goals
  • Claim self-empowering beliefs that support your dreams & desires
  • Release the emotional baggage you’ve been dragging around for years
  • Resolve the trauma that saps your energy & fogs your thinking
  • Reclaim access to Joy and a full range of useful feelings and emotions
  • Experience your oneness with the Source of Life and All That Is
  • Turn toxic fear into motivational excitement!

“Fear is excitement without breath.” ~ Fritz Perl, Father of Gestalt Therapy

Developed over the last ten years by Lois Grasso at the OxyGenesis Institute, Transformational BreathingTM is a uniquely-effective form of Conscious Connected Breathing. This gentle yet powerful process gradually transforms restrictive breathing patterns, (that cause stress, anxiety and disease) into free-flowing, deep diaphragmatic breathing patterns, which let you process emotions while supporting health, relaxation, peace of mind, and spiritual clarity.

Call now to claim your place at the next “Happy BreathDay!”

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