Addiction Control Techniques taught at the OxyGenesis Institute

Getting High Without Drugs

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Why do so many teens risk their lives to get "high"? To escape painful feelings and memories. To fit in. To feel happy, confident, lovable, accepted, relaxed, even blissful. And who can blame them for wanting that? In today's world, these desires are understandable because the solutions are so elusive. Helping our kids make good choices takes more than "just say no". We can help them say "yes" to better ways of fulfilling the same desires. We can show them that there are better choices, and that they are worthy of what they desire.

Over the course of this ten-week workshop program, a small group of 8-10 motivated teenagers will explore new perspectives and practice safe, healthy ways to resolve pain, make choices, and feel good about themselves, without the risks of self-destructive substances and behaviors. We will develop a deep understanding of the delicate balance between responsibility and freedom. They will also learn to use breathing techniques that bring about a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

"Breathing gives me the kind of high that music does and snowboarding - things that I love." ~ John B.

We will use Transformational Breathing™ to cleanse the body/mind of toxic residue from past physical and emotional trauma. When we're able to respond to life's challenges without the internal stress of unresolved pain, we are empowered to make responsible choices based on internal knowing rather than outside influence. By encouraging the release of restricted breathing patterns and corresponding beliefs about the self, this safe and natural process restores the body/mind's innate response to stress: "breathe and relax". Soon we are responding creatively and compassionately to challenging situations, rather than reacting and wanting to escape. The result is an upward spiral of responsible freedom.

"One client with a long history of cocaine addiction, had been in 12-Step programs for several years. After his first breathing session he told me, with tears in his eyes, that he had just had his first real experience of Higher Power. It was no longer a vague concept to him, but a powerful reality." Dr. Judith Kravitz, from her book Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly

In a co-created atmosphere of confidentiality and trust, we will uncover our own essential values and learn to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to support self-determined goals. We will learn and practice mutually respectful communication skills, as well as daily breathing-movement techniques to achieve an instant energized calm. "Side-effects" include increased levels of:

  • Focus & concentration
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Energy & motivation
  • Overall health
  • Brain function
  • Sense of belonging
  • Faith & courage

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