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Transform Your Life, Personally & Professionally

OxyGenesis Institute's Personal & Professional Training in Transformational BreathworkTM and EFT


There is, perhaps, no more satisfying career than to assist others in reclaiming their Divine Inner Presence, and the inherent power to create the life they really want to live! Of course, doing so is only possible when you have claimed yours! This program is a rare opportunity to do just that! Shred the old fear-based rule book and align yourself with timeless spiritual principles that really work. Fall in love with who you really are underneath it all. And if it feels right for you, learn how to make a truly fulfilling living, guiding others to do the same!

Over the course of 10 to 18* months, the OxyGenesis Institute’s 1st Annual Training Program, “Transform Your Life; Personally & Professionally,” will first provide intensive personal transformation, followed by practitioner training, and finally a professional internship. Participants do not have to be on the professional practitioner track to attend, and the program is available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Even if you’ve been through years of therapy and/or have been practicing a variety of healing modalities, this training will expand your world of possibilities dramatically. All the wisdom you have acquired on the conscious level will become integrated into your subconscious mind as we release suppressed emotions and update what we call your “personal operating system” to support current goals and values.

Being a joyful person -- and a successful healing practitioner -- requires authenticity, vulnerability, and a sense of ease in loving (instead of judging) yourself and others. Together, Transformational Breathwork™ and Emotional Freedom Techniques provide state-of-the-art tools that empower us to achieve this state of being.

Breathwork is a direct doorway between the conscious and subconscious aspects of our minds. It allows us to clear the negative emotional charge of unresolved trauma and painful experiences from childhood, which formed the foundation of the personal operating system. Unless we change the breathing patterns which support that old, outdated system of beliefs and emotional reactions, we’re stuck with it. EFT also expedites this process, and is more accessible to some clients early on in their healing process.

“Thank you for helping me learn how to just be.Thank you for helping me put myself aside to receive God, and embrace the God in me at the same time. I feel like I've already made tremendous breakthroughs in self acceptance and expression. You probably already know this, but your work really does awaken souls :)" ~ Jonathan, after 2nd private session

Program Overview

The Initial Training Program consists of six, 6-week modules, which take place over the course of 10 months (October - July). The first three Modules will focus on transforming inefficient patterns of breathing, thinking, communicating and behaving into effective and joyful ways of being. You will also master the skills needed to facilitate your own Transformational Breathwork and EFT sessions for further personal development throughout your lifetime.

Modules 4 - 6 will take you deeper into the experience of yourself as a powerful and compassionate creator, while giving you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to facilitate sessions effectively.

Finally, during a period of Professional Internship, serious practitioner candidates will review and reinforce much of the material covered in the Initial Training, while acquiring sufficient hands-on experience to satisfy certification requirements. Most importantly, they will feel fully qualified as a Professional Practitioner of Transformational Breathwork and/or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).


If you have questions after reading the following details about the program, costs and timelines, please feel free to call 860-796-1480 or email

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