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Transformational Breathing™ is a reliable method for clearing restricted breathing patterns and re-establishing the healthy, natural breathing response to stress. Whether you stub your toe, have a serious accident, an argument with a loved one, or just have too much to do… the best thing you can do is take a deep easy breath, allowing your abdomen to expand and shoulders to relax. As soon as you feel full, dump the exhalation like a relaxed silent sigh. Repeat until you feel better. This can become your automatic response to most forms of stress, which do not warrant a "fight or flight" response.

Every Transformational Breathing™ session super-oxygenates the body and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to endorphin release, deep states of awareness and the healing response. Suppressed pain and trauma, stored in the cells, are released along with corresponding self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. Light counseling assists in the process of replacing them with more beneficial, consciously chosen beliefs and patterns.

After a series of ten sessions with a qualified Transformational Breathing coach, it becomes natural to breathe easy - and more fully - allowing a more relaxed and joyful relationship with all of life.

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