Private Breathing Therapy Sessions at The OxyGenesis Insititute

Private Sessions...what to expect?

There is nothing like one-on-one coaching and support when it comes to re-engineering your breathing - and your perspective on life. Enjoy the personal attention and confidentiality of private sessions. Private Transformational Breathing sessions are facilitated by a qualified coach, trained to recognize unhealthy breathing patterns and assist you in correcting them.

You will fill out a medical history form so your facilitator may evaluate your needs. You and your facilitator will discuss the techniques that are appropriate for your goals. Then a plan of action will be created and the first session will begin.

Your facilitator will choose an appropriate posture - usually laying on your back - and support you in relaxing into a consistent rhythm of Circular Wave breathing that begins with the diaphragm and rises into the chest. Your only task is to relax, focus on breathing. Depending on what presents itself, the facilitator may support your process with free-form toning, core-issue affirmations and gentle manual stimulation of the respiratory muscles, as required, to release long-standing tension that may be restricting lung and diaphragm movement.

Special care is taken to create a safe, comfortable, serene and supportive environment for our clients. Feel free to discuss any issue with your facilitator without fear of judgment.

Call 860-796-1480 today for a free initial consultation.

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