Links to Other Valuable Sites About Breathing and Health

Links and Resources

If you know of a valuable website that we should know about, let us know! We believe in mutual support and will be happy to exchange links with appropriate and credible organizations.
The creators of this fabulous web site(!) and an excellent business resource for writing/editing/desktop publishing/graphic design.

Massage Angels
A comprehensive massage therapist directory and other massage resources.
Provides daily news and resources for the holistic community

The Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center
A unique blend of information regarding menopause management, available to you at absolutely no cost.
Friend, Teacher and OxyGenesis Associate, Mike White, shares an abundance of knowledge about the importance of breath.
The official site of the Transformational Breath Institute, run by OxyGenesis Associate, Judith Kravitz.
A good friend doing a service for the community.
Great sports gear at great prices!
ByRegion is a Network of Directories divided by Category and Location featuring Healers and Artists, etc.
An amazing and vast resource of holistic services in the Northeast.

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