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An afternoon of Transformative Breath with Lois Grasso

What if you could transform the simple act of breathing into a powerful act of healing? Transformative Breathing® is a complete self-healing system that can change your breathing into the most useful tool available for healing the body, processing emotions, and developing Higher Consciousness.

While each session brings unique benefits, multiple sessions are required to experience and maintain the full transformative effects. "Happy Breath Days" provide a full Transformative Breath group session and a unique experience of being in community. These very popular afternoon workshops are ideal for beginners as well as those who are already fully engaged in the Transformative Breath process.

It is also a part of our Personal and Professional Training Program and a wonderful opportunity for experienced "breathers" to get a tune-up and stay connected to the unique acceptance and support found in a community of "conscious breathers".

Happy Breath Days will take place:

Sundays, from 2:00 - 6:00 pm, on these dates:

July 18, 2010

August 8, 2010

And the 2nd Sunday of each mo thereafter (except Dec)

The Beyond Center, Vernon. CT

(30-seconds from I-84) $75 / person. Sliding scale for those who need it, space permitting. Space is very limited, so reserve now with $25 deposit.

Call 860-796-1480.

"Before today, I did not even think there was a God. But after this [my first group breath session with Lois], I know God."
~ Bo Jin, Boston, MA

Developed over the last ten years by Lois Grasso at the OxyGenesis Institute, Transformative BreathingTM is a uniquely-effective form of Conscious Connected Breathing. It is a very gentle yet powerful process that transforms restrictive breathing patterns, which lead to stress, anxiety and disease, into deep diaphragmatic breathing patterns, which help you process emotions while supporting health, relaxation, peace of mind, and spiritual clarity.

"Fear is excitement without breath."
~ Fritz Perl, Father of Gestalt Therapy

Transformative Breathing with Lois Grasso can help you transform the simple act of breathing into a powerful tool you can use every day to...

  • Eliminate the fear-based beliefs that cause anxiety and sabotage goals
  • Install self-empowering beliefs that support your dreams & desires
  • Resolve the trauma that saps your energy & fogs your thinking
  • Release the emotional baggage you've been dragging around for years
  • Reclaim access to Joy and a full range of useful feelings and emotions
  • Experience your oneness with the Source of Life and All That Is
  • Turn toxic fear into motivational excitement!

Hard to believe? Here's what others have to day about it...

"My life has changed so much since starting private sessions with Lois a few months ago. I was in severe pain every day. I thought I was dying. Now I feel good and strong most of the time. I treat myself well now, and miraculously, everyone else is treating me better than I could have imagined. I gave myself this weekend as a gift to myself, and had some magical, spiritual experiences that are hard to describe. I really had a blast! And my husband treated me like a queen when I got home. I was shocked. I have regained trust for my body, and I feel confident in myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
~ Socorro Rivera

"This weekend was life-changing... a deeply spiritual experience. I am more willing to show who I am. I would definitely recommend this to people I care about, because it would open them to more joy."
~ Bernadine Esposito

"The weekend was invaluable. I recommend it whole-heartedly! I have less pain and more desire to live. I am in awe of your presence and availability, and generous sharing of your energy, yourself, your time, etc."
~ Anna Wiedeler, Physical Therapist (1954 - 2010)

"I found this weekend to be a wonderful experience. I left feeling more free and open. What a great group! Since I started breathwork with you, I am happier, more accepting of myself, and less afraid of the future. I know now that many good things will come into my life and that I can handle the challenges. I liked the free-flowing nature of this weekend, and learned a lot from others in the group. I believe everyone can benefit from Transformative Breathwork, and I have already recommended it to many, including my daughter and her best friend."
~ Fran Prete

"I feel lighter... more positive. If I do go to a dark place, I don't stay there long. I feel closer to manifesting my intentions. My dreams feel like they will come true! I highly recommend [Transformative] breathwork as a growth process and as a process to compliment other healing modalities."
~ Helena Deary

"I am here to tell you that I'm no longer compulsive about food... for the first time in my life! That last session was... 'watershed'! For the first time in my life, I really feel connected to the Source. There are no words for how connected I feel now. I absolutely recommend Transformative Breathwork to others, so they can have the opportunity to realize their true Being."
~ Susan McBride

"Since I started doing private Transformative Breath sessions, I've experienced more self-acceptance, joy, happiness and peace. The connections with others at the workshop were very valuable. Trust and safety was high and allowed growth. This helped me push through some challenging moments. I would recommend this to others who want to raise awareness of self and higher consciousness."
~ Lee Dittman

"Since starting breathwork [with Lois], I feel less anxious and more aware of my own need and desire for self-care. The weekend workshop was fun. You did a super job! I loved the music, and felt a clear, strong connection with the others. I released more pent up emotion. I feel more allowing now... I'm opening up."
~ Mary Lou Semprini-Miszowicz

Give Yourself a Breath-taking Spiritual Experience

Happy Breath Days!

  • 4th Sundays Monthly
  • 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Call 860.796.1480 to confirm date, location and reserve space

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