Corporate Breathing Seminars presented by The OxyGenesis Insititute

Healthy, Happy Employees make a Healthy Business

Breathing affects every aspect of our lives in every moment. To the extent our breathing is restricted, so are we. To the extent our breathing is balanced and healthy, so are we.

Corporations stand to gain a great deal for very little when they invest in breathing development programs for computer operators, general personnel, management, and executives.

As computer operators sit, sedentary, staring at computer screens that give off EMF's (Electromagnetic Frequencies), which are incompatible with the natural human frequency, the effects of on-the-job-stress are multiplied exponentially. Poor muscle tone and the resulting poor posture exacerbate breathing deficits and cause fatigue at best, illness at worst.

Employees of all occupations can benefit from a two-minute breathing break designed to energize, calm or both! Simple breathing exercises and ergonomic factors can be implemented at very little cost compared to the savings inherent to reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and job satisfaction. It takes only a few minutes to re-energize with focused breathing, and no time at all to breathe more fully all day long.

Managers must remain calm and objective when faced with the many challenges presented by employees. There is no better, more efficient daily practice than "efficient respiration" for maintaining balance under pressure. Workshops and retreats can be designed for specific needs and goals such as improving communication skills, building team commitment, and increasing positive motivators. The best manager is one who is comfortable in his own skin. Breathing development is the best way to develop an internal environment of inner confidence and mutual awareness.

For executives we offer individual on-site consultations as well as small group retreats. When the stress of balancing high levels of responsibility is not kept in check, even the most brilliant mind can lose focus. Tap into the field of unlimited possibilities when you experience the depths of inner knowing via the breath. Those "gut feelings" upon which so many empires have been built can only be trusted when accompanied by full diaphragmatic breathing. Delve into the vibrantly peaceful realm of inner power while expanding vital capacity, reducing blood pressure, and improving overall health and vitality. When it's time to make critical decisions about the future of your company, it's time to retreat to the breath... referred to in the latin language as espiritus.

Corporate & Government Programs

PowerTools™ for Managing Change in the Workplace

PowerTools™ for Conflict Resolution

PowerTools™ for Communication Challenges

PowerTools™ for Managing Difficult People

PowerTools™ for Eliminating Self-Sabotage

PowerTools™ for Health & Fitness / Weight Management

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