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"That was an awesome experience!  I already use EFT in my medical practice, and now I MUST learn the Breathwork. It is simply amazing how powerful it is!"

~ Dr. Michael Valenti, M.D.

Date: December 16, 2007
From: Lois Grasso, Director

Yes!  You've just attracted an unusual opportunity to make 2008 your MAGNIFICENT year!

And the fact that you are now dedicating a few precious moments to read this letter, tells me you're well on your way!  Let's see how easy I can make it for you to stay committed to following your initial instinct all the way to the finish line (or at least to the end of this letter). 

If you feel a strong desire to expand your reality using the powerful tools and resources described in this letter, I’ll encourage you to go ahead and get registered. Then do whatever it takes to join us inNegril. The Universe will support you, once you commit to yourself. If it does not feel right for you, then please don't sign up. The key is trust your gut feeling.

Hmmm... maybe I should introduce myself properly.

My name is Lois Grasso. You may have attended one of my playshops on Breathwork, EFT or Laughter Yoga. Maybe you remember the Self-Health Networker, which I owned and published from 1991 - 1998. You may have seen or heard my message on a TV or radio interview. You might have even voted for me in 1998, when I ran for U.S. Senate. (I'm no politician, but that's a story for another time.) 

While I do have some excellent formal training under my belt, my biggest strength and expertise come mostly from “on-the-job training” in theSchool of Life. Here’s how it started…

At the miserable age of fifteen, I made a commitment to myself...
Picture this: A daily pot-smoker (remember when high schools had smoking areas?) sitting in Ms. Little's easy-"A" General Chemistry class, next to my "best friend" (who I really didn't like very much). Suddenly, a moment of clarity scooped me up out of the stupor. I stood, raised my hand, and declared aloud, "I'm leaving and not coming back." Jaws dropped to the floor. In the silence, I walked out of the room. It was a long and luxurious moment.

Part of me was baffled, but my legs and feet kept moving.
They knew something. Good thing I listened!

On my way to the guidance counselor, something even more extraordinary happened. I heard myself making a commitment to myself. I promised to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to drag myself out of that dark, depressed, anxious reality I had been in for what seemed like forever. I promised to become capable of a healthy, happy, loving relationship, and successful in my own way.

In fact, I suddenly knew I would succeed by helping others get there too! So, I asked the guidance counselor, "What do I have to do to go to college? I want to be a psychologist."

This was the moment I came alive.

She smiled… and changed all my “slide-by” classes to “honors” classes. I got hooked up with three awesome teachers. They saw me the way I wanted to see me. This helped me turn my life around. Soon, more people were seeing me, and liking what they saw. Maybe because I was finally showing my true self to them?

I kept that promise to myself (for the most part) throughout the years. It wasn't easy. But my goal was realized when the Universe bribed me into finally opening my private practice in 2001. (Another story for another day.)  Along the way, I discovered some powerful tools and developed a system for using them. I now help others move light-years faster than I ever did, toward love, joy, health and wealth.

I just love having the ability to support people in clearing emotional baggage. I love staying focused on their brilliance while they release pain and negative beliefs from the past. And I really love teaching them how to use the amazingly Powerful Tools that we all possess and carry with us every day.

I call them “PowerTools". . .

At a very early age, we learn to stop breathing fully in the face of stress, because we get shamed about crying. The problem is, crying is our innate system for processing pain and the only way to stop it is to stop breathing! By the time we are adults, the slightest sign of stress puts us on shallow breathing mode. This leads to chronic "fight or flight" mode, making us anxious, stressed-out, and eventually depressed. It also depresses our immune system and reduces lung capacity.
This is normal, now, because an estimated 85% of the population is doing this without even knowing it's a problem.

What if you retrain yourself to just breathe fully and relax automatically, any time you feel stress starting to creep in? 

Laughter...'s the best medicine, and another form of breathing!  The benefits to health and happiness are well proven. In fact, one minute of mirthful laughter gives you the aerobic benefit of 10 minutes on the rowing machine. Laughter also stimulates the flow of happy chemicals in the brain, and reduces stress chemicals (like cortisol, the one that gives you a fat belly).

What if you got into the habit of laughing whenever you start to feel stressed? 

Energy Flow...
Einstein proved that everything is ultimately made of energy (E=MC2), and we all learned in high school that every cell has a positive and negative charge, right? When we experience traumatic stress but don't express it fully, energy flow gets blocked and pain takes up residence in your BodyMind. Are you familiar with acupuncture? It enhances the flow of energy to flush out stagnant energy.

What if you could unblock your own energy flow, just by touching certain acupoints (no need for needles)? 

Thoughts are just another powerful form of energy. Ever notice that some thoughts can set you free, while others seem to keep you prisoner. You can learn to manage your thoughts - rule them instead of letting them ruling you. Since everything ever created began as a thought, you might call thoughts the "seeds of creation."

Hmmm... Do you think this idea warrants more thought?

Some thoughts are turned into spoken or written words. Words are the next level of creation. Some words become actions. What we are too often unaware of, is that every word we speak has an effect on ourselves and whomever hears it. Positive words strengthen us (physcally!) and negative words weaken us!  I'll prove this to you in Jamaica! 

What if your every word was intentional and on-purpose?  Do you think you might create more of what you really want?

Internal Operating System...
Also known as the "subconscious mind", I like to think of it as the "Windows" program that functions in the background, as a basis for every aspect of your life - thoughts, words and actions. Like the operating system in a computer, however, we need to update it often to keep up with current applications.

What if you had an easy way to reprogram your internal "coding" to suit your conscious desires? 

Learn to Use Your PowerTools in Jamaica!
When used properly, each of these PowerTools can help you feel much better. But the cutting edge techniques I'll show you will help you use your PowerTools to build a life you love, more effectively and quickly than anything else you can do for yourself.

PLUS... The unconditional support you'll receive in Jamaica, from me and the other participants, will help you see and feel your inner magnificence. Once you demolish self-sabotaging programs, in the safety and support of a small group of like-minded individuals, you'll be free to build a life that expresses your true creative brilliance.

And then? The world becomes your playground and life is an adventure!

Joy is the Ultimate Result!

January 31 - February 7, 2008 

Give yourself the invaluable gift of support and training  
with someone who knows how to create JOY,
and really wants you to know how too!

Why should I care about you? It may seem strange, but every time I work with someone new, I learn something new about myself. I believe we are all connected, deeply, and I feel it. Yet we are all unique expressions of Life Itself.  I want to see who YOU REALLY are inside. And I want to help you re-parent that part of you that just whispered back at me, “Oh, no, you don’t.”  (You know the voice I'm taking about.)

I want to show you how to use your PowerTools, so you can express your true magnificence. And I want to support you in “fanning the flame” of brilliance inside you, until it’s a bonfire of passionate creativity that just keeps your legs and feet moving toward the next door, and the next.  It brings me joy to help you find and express your innate joy!

That's why I created the Breathtaking Tropical Transformation Vacation. There is nothing like immersing yourself in a healthy, loving, supportive reality for a whole week, especially when there's lots of time to play in the sunshine! It's like being a kid again, which really helps since we're re-coding programs that were installed when we were kids!

Everyone who has attended, over the last two years, agrees that it’s a vacation and personal growth intensive all wrapped into one amazingly beautiful experience. It's more affordable than even the most "average" tropical vacation! And if you act today, you'll save $200 off the regular tuition.

You see, I've been having so much fun lately - traveling to Italy and Las Vegas, and playing with my 2.1/2 year old granddaughter - that I got a little lax about promoting this trip. So I have a few spots left, and only a few weeks left to fill them. So you get a special offer to make it easier for you to register right now!  
Why does it have to be right now? Because I know that if you close this page without saying “yes” and registering yourself, you’ll find all kinds of reasons to say “no” to yourself in the next few days while you “think about it”. And that, my friend, is a major symptom of the self-sabotage syndrome!  My job is to help you overcome self-sabotage, right?  Well, I’m doing my part by giving you a $360 incentive. Start doing your part, now, by saying “yes” to what you REALLY WANT deep down inside.
Your Breathtaking Tropical Transformation Vacation is NOW only $1295 and it includes:

  • 7 nights / 8 days - Double Occupancy Accommodations at a Delightful Yoga Retreat Center in Negril, Jamaica

  • Daily Playshops Featuring - Emotional Freedom Techniques, Psych-K, BodyMind Awareness, Reverse Therapy principles
  • Practice Telling Your Truth in a way that gets your needs met
  • Laughter Yoga - The fun way to expand breathing capacity and get energized
"An absolutely wonderful time! I learned so much about myself and coping with stress. I’m a better person because of these techniques and realizations."

~ Marion Lawrence, Realtor

  • Delicious Healthy Meals - Breakfast and Lunch cooked from scratch and served daily by lovely Jamaican women at the Yoga Retreat Center. It's known by the locals as the best food in Negril!
  • Waterfall Adventure - Take a leisurely walk up a gorgeous meandering waterfall and play in the natural whirlpools.
    This is, in itself, an experience of a lifetime!  Bring water shoes if you have them. (Rentals are available)

That was the most exquisite time I've ever had on vacation. Usually, doing my deep healing work is unpleasant, but this trip was just a miracle for me. And I even climbed a waterfall!

~ Bernadine Esposito, Bookkeeper

  • One-Hour BAM Massage - Steven Barrett is the founder of his unique BAM techniques which includes Breathwork, Acutapping and Massage to clear away tension and give you a luxurious experience!
  • 7 miles of White Sandy Beaches - Just cross the street and find yourself on the beach, in the crystal aqua blue waves, or dining seaside at a fine restaurant!
  • Rick's Famous Cafe - Dive off a high cliff into a deep ocean ravine, or just watch the professional divers do it! Dance barefoot in the sand, on the edge of a cliff with live music and an awesome view of the ocean. Or cool down with a tropical cocktail at a table srt right in the swimming pool! 
Listen, I understand how difficult it can be to change deeply ingrained patterns and conditioning. But it must be done so you can stop reacting to the past and stay focused on creating what you want in the present.

And then maybe there's that habit of beating yourself up for not being "good enough" at creating what you want even though it seems so simple in movies like "The Secret" and "What the Bleep Do We Know".
My biggest question for you is...

Are you going to let that frustration fester? You know, the frustration about not yet being able to harness the not-so-Secret "Law of Attraction"?  Or are you ready and willing to break free and spread your wings once and for all?

Whether you come on your own, with a friend, or as part of a couple, this is the perfect opportunity for you - ONLY if you are really ready to take flight.  If not, give me a call and we'll talk about how some private sessions might help get you ready. 

Either way, I know you are AMAZING and can manifest whatever you really want in life. I hope you realize it now, and register for this tremendous opportunity to take an adventure deep into your soul.  

The entire program is normally $1495 including accommodations and much more (see below). We'll pick you up in Montego Bay airport and get you to Negril. All you have to do is make a deposit, book your airfare, and pack your bags with summer clothes!

By they way, if you are a health practitioner or healer of any kind, this program may be tax-deductible under professional development expense!  Individuals may be able to take it as a Healthcare Expense. And, like I said, if you follow your impulse to make a 50% deposit right now, you can go ahead and take $200 off the price!

NOW you're manifesting! 

Register Now To Start the Wheels in Motion Today

"My work with Lois has changed my life dramatically, and now that I've found my dream man, we're both thrilled with the opportunity to grow and connect more deeply with each other – and the others. We’ll definitely return toJamaica with you. See you next year!"

~ Ann Murillo, Physical Therapist

"I don’t take things so seriously, because I can see the other side of the picture. I’m able to contemplate things at a deeper level and understand them, whereas before I was just barely seeing the possibilities. My thinking is more clear and I have a sense of purpose in life. I am enthusiastic about experiencing new and fun things now."

~ Carolyn Olson, Truck Driver and Thai Massage Therapist

"Wow! I don't even have words to express what I got out of this week. And I'm a writer! I almost didn't come. I was dragging my heels all the way, but I'm so glad that I won the internal power struggle!
It was nothing short of miraculous for me. Thank you so much!

~ Elizabeth Comeau, Web Designer

Is that brilliant creator inside of you still wanting to hide out?
Or will you risk showing yourself to me and 12 others who are willing to stop the hide-and-seek game?

Money Back Guarantee

Register today and if you are not comfortable with your decision to join us after your first FREE private session with me (see Free Bonus Gift #1 below), you can change your mind and get a full refund of your deposit. I do ask that you schedule your session to take place before the 5th of January (and make a final commitment a that time). If you do cancel your trip, all I ask is that you pay 50% of the normal private session fee (normally $105).

Space is limited to 12 participants.
There are only a few spots left and we do expect to sell out, so don't let yourself
sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else win. Register today! 

 And just to give you a head start, I'm giving you more positive reinforcement for listening to your
gut instincts and registering right now. Three bonuses worth $160...

Free Bonus Gift #1 (Private Session 90-Minutes - $105 Value) Prepare for your Transformational Vacation with a complementary one-on-one Transformational Breathwork and Coaching session. Normally $105. Yours FREE if you register today.

Free Bonus Gift #2 (Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly - $19.95 Value) The definitive manual on Transformational Breathwork, by founder/author Judith Kravitz. (Edited and published by yours truly!) This book will give you the scoop on the hows and whys of this amazingly powerful holistic healing process.

Free Bonus Gift #3 (Half-hour BAM Massage Therapy Session - $35 Value) Steven Barrett, LMT, our resident massage therapist in Jamaica, will give you a taste of his own brand of Massage here at home, before you go. It's called BAM because he wraps Breathwork, Acutapping and Massage into a delightfully pleasurable healing experience. Make it a full hour for just $35 if you desire!

Remember, the secret to creating the life you really want is taking action when it feels right - sometimes we call it an “impulse”. If I had sat in Ms.Little's General Chemistry class, instead of following my impulse to walk out, I probably wouldn't be making a good living doing what I love, and I probably wouldn't be loving my life the way I do now.
Register right now and on January 31st you'll be blessing the day you read this.

Best of Success,

Lois Grasso, Director


Well, you've read to the very end and I commend you!  But that also means you are probably thinking you "should wait and think about it". Is that really your wise and true self speaking? What I've learned is that the word "should" gives it away. When your true self really wants something, there's no need for the word "should". "Shoulding all over yourself" represents someone else's idea of what is good for you. It's your life... I hope you win the battle! Go ahead. Click here now to register or call me at 860-796-1480.