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This relaxing breathing exercise will give you a glimpse...

As part of an overall plan for reclaiming their full capacity for breathing - and for living - clients are encouraged to practice simple daily exercises between breathing sessions.

Here is one that you can try right now, for an immediate glimpse of the benefits of taking charge of your life via conscious breathing.

The Connected Wave Breath

Sit or lay down in a comfortable and quiet place. Place your right hand on the abdomen, just below your belly-button. Put your left hand on the center of your chest. Breathing in and out through either the nose or the mouth, inhale gently to the count of six. As you begin the inhale, notice your right hand moving upward as the belly rises with the movement of the diaphragm. (If this does not happen, consciously push the belly against your hand to begin awakening the diaphragm muscle.)

Once the belly feels "full" (without straining), feel the breath rising into the chest, and your left hand moves upward as you relax your ribcage. Without pausing, once the inhale is full (again, without straining), just let it go in a relaxing sigh - to the count of two. When the relaxed exhale is complete, immediately begin the inhale again. Repeat for twenty breaths, allowing yourself to relax a little more with each exhale. It may help to repeat inwardly to yourself, "I am" as you inhale, and "relaxed" as you exhale.

If you lose count of your breaths, simply begin again until you reach twenty without interruption. See how you feel. Feel free to contact us to discuss your results and how to enhance them further.

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